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Goodnight Riley

Goodnight Riley Book Illustration

In answer to SIDS, Goodnight Riley offers parents comfort and hope.

Goodnight Riley is the book in which my friend Lori Johnson has revisited her journal and memories of the nightmare she and Brian shared. She says it this way, “When I started journaling after Riley died almost 25 years ago….I never thought the journal entries would end up in a book. Now that the book is finished I have had many people ask me if I was excited. I would answer no. I was relieved! I felt like a huge weight was taken off of me. I knew I needed to do the book. I thought if I could help one person, it was worth it. As the years passed by it became more and more urgent to do the book. I would talk to a mom who had just lost a baby and I wanted so badly to have my journals to give to her. I would wake up thinking about writing the book. I was so afraid to go back to the day I found Riley in his crib and to be vulnerable and open up the worst time in my life…….. In my husbands life.”

Description: Goodnight Riley

Is there any sorrow greater than the loss of an infant or child? Probably not. Lori Johnson’s heartfelt emotions, revealed in this honest expression of her sorrow, will help bring understanding to those watching a loved one grieve. The intensity of her grief did seem to be overwhelming at times. Yet Lori’s hope remained steadfast. The memory of Riley will live on, and the grief cannot be forgotten. But joy can come back, and faith can be renewed.

Lori says, “Will you please pray that as people are reading Goodnight Riley that they will find hope, peace and comfort! and, to God be the glory!”

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