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“You’re Playing that Wrong!”

The emphatic exclamation came from a visitor to the weekly jam session at my friend’s house. Call my friend Todd and the visitor Randy. Tuning up for a melodic journey through the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s dance numbers, Todd struck a lick that stopped the music.

"You're Playing that Wrong!" illustration

“You’re Playing that Wrong!” but you look good.

Randy shot Todd a look, somewhere between shock and disgust. “You’re Playing that Wrong!” Todd played the musical phrase again, claiming, “Yes, that’s right. I’ve been playing it that way for 20 years.”

Randy’s retort came quickly along with a demonstration. “No, no, no! It goes like this.” Randy’s pick of the strings sounded exactly like the original track on the recording. Todd, hearing it again, humbly agreed and set about to change his habit to play it correctly.

That’s the way many of us go through life. Hopefully, someone steps up, or the Holy Spirit steps in and says, “You’re playing that wrong!” We can play it better when we realize we’re off tune, out of synch, and not in harmony with God and others.

Confession and repentance play such a huge role in our healing and helping process spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. When the declaration comes, “You’re playing that wrong!” we need to stop, understand, agree, and turn from the activity or habit that we have been playing wrong. Realizing, and then agreeing that something is amiss comes first. That’s the awareness and confession step in turning life around.

Do you have someone who says this to you, “You’re playing that wrong!” someone who cares enough to call you on how you’re strumming your chords? The melody of life needs harmony, first between you and God. He cares, loves you, forgives you, and wants to become your life’s conductor. Turning 180 degrees puts the misplayed notes behind you. You can move away from the bad habits and hang-ups, not by exercising will power, which most of us have too little of, but because the salvation changes our will, the very reason we choose to do what we do.

We become new from the inside out. There’s always more we can learn about how this works and what it means, but taking the first step first brings us to the point where change can happen. When you realize “You’re playing that wrong!” it then is an easy step to say, “You know, you’re right.” You can play the chord. You can get back into harmony with life, God, others, and yourself. Admit that you’ve been playing it wrong. Believe that you can be forgiven and overcome anything that has been keeping you bound in its grip. Whatever the bad habit, hang-up, memories, or disappointments, you can confess and be forgiven. When Jesus comes into your life full force, nothing can withstand it, nothing!

“You’re playing it wrong!” Once you realize it and agree that you want to change, just ask Jesus to come into your heart, help with your life, and then count on His strength through the Holy Spirit to make it happen for you.

If you need more clarification or encouragement, just ask. Email s.cooper@words4faith.com, tweet words4faithpeep, or comment below. “You’re playing it wrong,” but you can get back in tune.

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