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If your author’s words don’t paint a vivid portrait for you to consider, they may as well lie fallow in the dictionary. Words exist to efficiently and effectively spark our imagination with inspiration, entertainment, and education. Intellectually, words bend our thoughts. Emotionally, words shape our feelings and responses. Spiritually words carry us into that other sphere where we touch God.

Photo; Reading glasses set on an open book illustrating Words4Faith

What suggestions do you have for us for Words4Faith?

Symbols that capture wisps of meaning that waft through our consciousness, words, whether spoken or written, give us a means of communication. Through words we connect with concepts, feelings, and ideas. Some stick with us, forming bits and pieces of our personality and worldview. The value of the words depends on the artistry and skill of the painter of word pictures. Only you can judge the importance of the words you choose as stories to entertain you, essays that enlighten you, and lyrical songs that uplift you.

Through Words4Faith we hope to be your gateway to hope, inspiration, and encouragement. It’s a two-way street. Share what you find to be helpful, so that as we converse we all grow and enjoy the fruits of the many talented and inspired authors and writers who coax words through their pens and keyboards.

What are you reading right now? What are you listening to today that deserves a shout out? What’s new and next?

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